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What is Cpanel? How do I view my website stats? How do I create an email account, and how do I set it up once it’s created? If you have one or more of these questions, you’re not alone. View the answers to frequently asked questions regarding web services below. If you’re question is not answered, please contact our support team at support@enter.net.

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Go Live Process

A website takes between 24 – 48 hours to fully propagate and communicate with the servers to display what our team has created for you at your domain name.

The new website will override the current website. You will no longer be able to access the old one when the new website is live and active.

Yes, we can provide you with the DNS information and then you can use it to make the website go live on your end. However, please note Enter.net  is and will not be responsible for anything that may go wrong during the DNS entry phase.t during the DNS entry phase.

Yes! When your website is live, we will send the username & password to you with step by step instructions on how to login and make simple edits.

No, you do not need to keep web hosting services with your current host. Since your website is live under our hosting, you no longer need other web hosting services. However you will need to keep your domain registration active with your current registrar. If this gets cancelled or expires, the website will no longer appear at your domain name.  If you have email hosting with them as well, you will need to keep this active too, otherwise your emails will go down. (see email hosting)


We recommend getting in touch with the support staff of the registrar for the domain and see about resetting the login and password. The registrar should have a phone number to call and chat/email service available to contact them. Once you receive the username and password, please forward it to us that way we can be sure to make your website live for you.

We can register a new domain name for you and have the new website go live on using the new domain name. Let us know if you have new domain in mind to register OR we can recommend a few to you.

We can provide you with the information that we would use to make your new website to go live. You can then forward the info to your IT person to have them make the website live for you.

If this is not possible, you can transfer the domain over to your account you have with us. We will need an EPP Code to initiate the domain transfer. Once we receive this, it will take up to 7-10 business days for it to fully transfer. When the transfer is completed, we will make the website live right away.

We recommend visiting the website whois.com and search your domain name. The registrar company name will appear alongside other information. Type the registrar company’s domain name into Google, visit their website, and contact them to recover your account. Most common registrar companies are listed below:

GoDaddy.com: 480-505-8877

NetworkSolutions.com: 866-908-3442

Enom, Inc.: 425-274-4500

Register.com: 866-455-1655

Bluehost.com: 888-401-4678

Hostgator: 866-964-2867

Domain.com: 800-403-3568

1and1.com: 1-484-254-5555

Hover: 1-866-731-6556

Tucows: 1-800-371-6992

NameCheap: 310-259-3259

Dreamhost: Live Chat Support Only

Google Domains: Request a Call, Email, Live Chat

Your domain will need to be renewed and active for at least 60 days, prior to transferring, however, it may not expire after 60 days. After the 60 days are up, you can then transfer your domain name over to your account you have with us.

Email Hosting

Your emails will not go away. Our team can make sure the emails remain with your current email host. (i.e GSuite, Microsoft, Yahoo!, GoDaddy) However, if you are transferring email hosting to Enter.net, your emails will be affected and we recommend backing them up via POP settings. Depending on your current email provider, POP settings may already be enabled.

Yes, it is. We will need to know each email address you will be transferring over. Send any desired passwords for each, if not, we will generate passwords for each of them. However, there is a step we highly recommend doing before we transfer the email hosting over to our servers. We recommend that you check your POP Settings for all email addresses. This setting is important for email messages backed up on your computer. Then once you are done checking, let us know and we will initiate the email transfer.

First you would have to contact GSuite and setup your account with them. Then we will need the Google Site Validation Record to place on the back end of your website so that Google can verify your domain name. We will also need the MX Records for your GSuite account to have your email hosting directed to GSuite’s servers. Once they are implemented, your email hosting will be active with GSuite within the hour.


We can implement 3rd party code and plugins. We also can add a link to a 3rd party website. However, we cannot guarantee the functionality and cannot make custom changes.

Internet Browsers

For the best experience, we recommend that you view the website on the following internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer, it is no longer a supported browser and is out of date. Microsoft ended support in January 2016 and is no longer updated for the latest website standards.

For the best experience, we recommend that you view the website on the following internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer, it is no longer a supported browser and is out of date. Microsoft ended support in January 2016 and is no longer updated for the latest website standards.

Photos & Videos

All stock photos come from istock.com. You can browse for any photos on istock and send us the photos that you would like to use on your website. You don’t need to purchase the photos. Send a copy of each photo with the watermark and we will do the rest.

The bigger the better. We recommend a size of 1920px by 800px. We can always make images smaller without losing quality. Keep in mind that using photos that are small and enlarging them lose in quality and will look blurry.

Depending on how many photos you have, you may send them via email. If you have a large amount of photos to use, 10 or more, we recommend using a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. If you are using Dropbox, please send a folder share invitation to dropbox@enter.net. For Google Drive, please share access to enternettech2@gmail.com

Yes, you can have a video uploaded and played on your website. All you have to do is create a Youtube channel, upload the video and send us the link. This will allow a smooth playback experience for customers viewing your video on your website.

We recommend having between 3-5 image slides on the home page. Any more than that may affect load times of the home page.

Yes a video can be played and placed in a slider instead of a photo. Please send the video via Dropbox or Google Drive as video files are in a larger

Shopping Cart: (if applicable)

There are many shipping options available to add your website’s shopping cart. UPS, USPS, and FedEx are the most commonly used. Each option costs a one time fee of $79.00

UPS: https://woocommerce.com/products/ups-shipping-method/ 

USPS: https://woocommerce.com/products/usps-shipping-method/ 

FedEx: https://woocommerce.com/products/fedex-shipping-module/ 

If you are not looking to use any of the above, you can visit the following link and see if your preferred shipping method is available for use. Shipping Methods & Extensions

Our team will need the following; access to download the plugin and the account login information for your company’s shipping account. Depending on which shipping method you are going with, our team will need some additional information. Below are for the three most common shipping methods.

Yes, you can have multiple shipping methods to choose from upon checkout.. You can give each one a different name as well. Our team will need access to download each plugin and account login information for each shipping company to properly set up each shipping method on your website.

Yes, all products can be placed in categories.

There are many payment portals available. The following are the most commonly used on shopping cart websites:

PayPal, Free included with shopping cart software

Square Payments, Free https://woocommerce.com/products/square/ 

Braintree, Free, https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-gateway-paypal-powered-by-braintree/ 

Stripe, Free https://woocommerce.com/products/stripe/ 

Authorize.Net, one time fee of $79.00 https://woocommerce.com/products/authorize-net-aim/ 

Our team will need the account login information for the payment portal to connect and work properly.

WooCommerce has many payment options. You can add as many as you would like.

The website will notify the email address on file with an invoice email message stating a new order has been received. The invoice will include the information about the customers’ order, such as where it is shipping to and confirmed payment.

The website does store all orders made. You can view them by logging into your website and clicking on the WooCommerce link on the left sidebar. The page will refresh and show the list of all the orders. Click on the order to view the details of it and complete the order.

Yes this is possible, however, it is recommended to do it on a percentage adjustment rather than a complete price change. This will allow having the most accurate rate with the algorithm.

This option is available for all products. You can also have specific products be only available for in-store pickup.

Yes! Your products need to have accurate dimensions for height, width, length, and weight. This is important for the shipping algorithm to provide an accurate price and for customers to view on the product description before ordering.

Yes! You may include downloadable files for sale. All that is needed is a copy of the digital product file and we will be able to upload it to the product area.

There are options to change the sale price of each product individually. If you would want a site wide sale, a coupon code can be implemented and set to be valid only during certain days.

WooCommerce has many payment options. You can add as many as you would like. 

The website will notify the email address on file with an invoice email message stating a new order has been received. The invoice will include the information about the customers’ order, such as where it is shipping to and confirmed payment.

Website Content

This is textual content that is used as a placeholder to represent where content will be implemented. If you see this foreign language on your site, please feel free to send content to webteam@enter.net

Yes! It is preferred that you send your changes all in one email instead of sending multiple emails at the same time. This is preferred because it helps eliminate confusion when implementing content.

The contact form can be sent to as many email addresses as you like.

We cannot include sensitive information such as banking information, social security numbers, etc. on the website for security reasons. 

Yes! We can include an employee application PDF version(s) on your website.

If your package includes a catalog, our team can add a catalog of your products on your website. It will list the product types on the left and display the products on the right. If it does not include a catalog, please consult your sales rep.

Website Maintenance: (if applicable)

You can make 5 simple changes a month, these changes include:

  • Adding events
  • Wording changes
  • Price list updates
  • Adding and removing photos
  • Adding and removing products
  • Updating slides
  • Pop ups
  • Special sale advertisement
  • Holiday hours and closures

Most types of changes are covered under the maintenance package, but there are some advanced changes that are not covered including:

  • Adding shopping carts or catalogs 
  • Adding a payment processor on the site
  • Adding 3rd party plugins (i.e Estimation Calculators, Event Tickets,)
  • Creating new large contact forms
  • New pages

Yes you can. All we need is the custom code from your credit card processor to add the button on the website. The button will take you to the credit card processors payment portal site. Nothing custom within the website.

Yes! All websites get backed up weekly and are able to be restored to a specific backup if needed. However, we do recommend you do your own backup when attempting updates or changes to your website.

Yes it is. PayPal allows payment buttons for websites. It can be customized so that customers enter a custom amount or select a specific amount option at checkout. In order to add this to your website, you must have a PayPal Business account to create the buttons. Then send us the button code and our team will place it on the website for you.

Seeing wordpress updates / alerts is a normal occurrence that happens on a regular basis. However, not all updates are required/recommended since they can have a negative effect on the functionality of the website. We do all the necessary updates to keep your website running smoothly.

Our team can update the website with an optimization software that will run in the back end and improve the performance on the front end.

All contact form submissions get stored locally on the website as a backup. To access them, login to the website’s WordPress and locate the contact form submissions section inside the left sidebar. See below for direct links to instructions. 

  • WordPress Theme Avada: Contact Form 7
  • WordPress Theme OceanWP: WP Forms

Google My Business

A Google My Business (GMB) is a listing that shows up when someone searches specific words on Google’s website. For example, searching for “website designer in Lehigh County, Pa” Enter.net’s listing will appear in the first page underneath the map block. Or if you search a company name in a specific location on Google, the listing will show up on the right hand side. Your business info can show up in multiple Google services such as Google Maps with locations.

Information about your business such as hours of operation, website link, social links, appointment info, images of your business, videos, reviews of the business, address location, and contact info can be included.

  • The following cannot be included in GMB listing: a P.O. Box number cannot be listed as your business’s address as it needs a physical location to be set up properly. Any names that include the following:
    • Marketing taglines, Store codes, Trademark/registered signs, Fully capitalized words, Business hours info, Phone numbers or website URLs, Special characters, irrelevant legal terms, Service or product info, and Location information

    To learn more about the details of each listed above and more about Google My Business listings, visit the Guidelines for representing your business on Google

Yes. Google allows addresses to be hidden from the public searches for this type of situation.

This means one of Enter.net’s team members sent a Google My Business verification code to your place of business. In order to verify, and fully set up your Google My Business listing, we need the pin code. Please send it to webteam@enter.net, and we will verify your listing.

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