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Contemporary, unique, and above all else, delicious, Notch Modern Kitchen & Bar is the newest restaurant in Allentown that offers a new take on American food, with an Asian-Fusion twist. Recently, Enter.net had the opportunity to experience this eatery, also known as a White Orchids sister restaurant, at one of the soft openings on Friday, August 16. Given the option of a social plate, as well as a large entree, we were able to wine and dine at what will be one of the hottest up-and-coming restaurants in the area.

We were lucky enough to grab a seat on the patio, which we’d highly recommend for anyone who loves to dine outside. Not only did it provide a gorgeous setting for our dinner, but we were able to watch as the chefs create our meals! The indoor area showcased an elegant, but comfortable dining experience from anywhere including their bar seating to the dining room. The private chef’s table provides a cool concept on a more personalized visit. Plus, the upstairs private party room is the perfect location for any celebratory gathering or corporate dinner event!

Each dish, offered on their menu, provides a modern exception to classic favorites. For example, the classic chicken wing social plate was offered with delectable sauces including the classic favorite house hot sauce, or newer flavors such as Szechuan lemon pepper and caramelized fish sauce.

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The drinks were specifically handcrafted to give an individual vibe to each and every cocktail. Every liquor was handpicked by a master mixologist, Joshua Coates, and we could instantly tell his absolute love for his craft. Whether a basic mixed drink was ordered or one of his specialized concoctions, the taste was amazing.

Would we highly recommend you grab a reservation at Notch Modern Kitchen and Bar? Absolutely. We can say, from us here at Enter.net, that we cannot wait to go back to try more of these dishes, and congratulations to Jeff Virojanapa for another successful restaurant.

Check out their website at https://notchmknb.com/

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