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If you keep getting blocked from accessing your email, website, or cpanel it could be caused by your mail refreshing and trying to download messages too often. As a security feature your mail program will block the account so that nobody is able to login.

Here is what to do to change these settings.

Using Your Internet Browser:
  • Identify the mail program that is refreshing too frequently.

  • Identify the device you are using your email program with.
  • Go to and type in the search bar “My _________ (Device) is checking mail too often using _________ (email program).

  • Choose the correct search result, and follow the instructions step by step.
  • Make sure to double check all settings, and “save” when finished.

This will change the settings of your email program, and change the frequency that it try’s to download your messages, which will prevent you from becoming blocked from your account.

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