If you or someone you know is still using Internet Explorer as your primary web browser, there are some reasons why you should consider (and why we highly recommend) switching to another web browser.

1. No Longer Supported By Microsoft

One of the biggest issues with using Internet Explorer is that it is not supported by Microsoft. They have since moved onto Edge as their web browser that they manage. What this means is that any issues, slow speeds, security breaches, or bugs you may encounter, there is no one to get in contact with to solve the problem. The lack of support or updates leaves Internet Explorer virtually obsolete and vulnerable to security threats because of that.

2. Slower Isn’t Better

If you were to pit Internet Explorer up against any of the modern web browsers, you’d see the difference in load times immediately. Internet Explorer is notorious for its slow loading speeds and crashing often, so trying to use the internet for anything can get frustrating real quick. Every other modern web browser (i.e. Chrome, FireFox, Edge) have fast loading speeds, which means you can finally benefit from your high-speed internet subscription.

3. Extensions Are All But Extinct

All of the extensions you can enjoy on every other modern web browser—things like ad blockers, calendars, Microsoft Office Online, Google Drive, Google Translate, and the like—are not supported by Internet Explorer. No matter what you use the internet for, whether for surfing the web or for work, having access to these tools can make your online interactions simpler. If you are using Internet Explorer, you’re missing out on all of these great extensions, which can change the way you use the internet for the better.

4. Not Compatible With Modern Websites

Because Microsoft does not support Internet Explorer, newer, more modern website designs (which are becoming increasing popular) are simply not compatible with the outdated web browser. And since more and more websites are being designed and revamped using new features, Internet Explorer is left and the dust, unable to view new websites. This can greatly reduce the user-friendliness that modern web design has to offer, and can make it much more difficult overall.

The Solution — Get a New Web Browser

If you’ve read this far and are still using Internet Explorer, here are some great alternatives that will change your perspective on the internet—for the better. Modern, up-to-date web browsers that we highly recommend include Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and if you like the interface of Internet Explorer, you can always use Edge.