Have you considered that as your business grows and evolves, you must continue to provide a contemporary marketing and branding approach? Redesigning can be brought upon by the evolution of your company and the logo fails at making a continued impact, there is a change in the market, or, perhaps, you want to reach a new demographic. Whatever the reason, you don’t want an outdated logo to negatively impact your business strategy.

Evolve Your Company, Evolve Your Look

The evolution of your company is a great time to redesign your logo. When your business grows, your image should grow as well. This doesn’t mean a completely different logo look, but joining an updated look with your already familiar logo. Incorporating an innovative design represents how you’re adapting to new development. Immediately, those who follow your company, will notice the change in your design and associate it with evolution. Creating a new logo doesn’t always mean new or immediate increased business, but it does mean that you will have recognized growth, and that you are staying current in the modern world.

Is Your Demographic What You Intended?

Your target market is directly tied with your company logo. There are some logos that are of great design for the business, but just don’t attract the desired demographic. A good example is Kohl’s logo. Kohl’s logo doesn’t really attract a young crowd because it is just bold, text. While their logo is straightforward, to the point, it’s been the same logo or a variation, they’ve had for years. Their brand logo isn’t as popular with a younger generation, as another store may be, such as Target. Their logo is just as simple as Kohl’s, except their company/brand image “targets” (no pun intended) a younger demographic. It’s certainly no secret the bright, red bulls-eye logo is geared toward millennials, and Kohl’s just seems to be more ‘old-fashioned.’ It could be millennials aren’t their intended consumer. Regardless, it’s important to know who you are attempting to reach with your look.

How Do I Get A New Design?

The big question is how do to approach a redesign for my logo/brand?
First, begin with your ideal design image you want for your company. Gathering ideas for this new image can come through your customers, employees, and even close friends. Make it a contest! Include your customers so they feel like they are important to you and your business. They may produce a new idea that you didn’t know was possible. Next, you also want to do your research. Find out what’s trending in your market, and what is popular within your target audience. Finally, remember that as you go forward with this process, you don’t want to change everything about your previous logo. You want to keep the good aspects, trashing the bad.

Enlist Professionals

Redesigning your business’ logo is not an easy task. Realizing when you need to redesign, then conducting the proper research is the first big step in the process. Having the right team to assist you in that process is also extremely important so that your logo translates throughout all platforms including print media, brand wear and social media. The team at Enter.net would be happy to guide you through the logo design process every step of the way. With your ideal expectations and our creative minds, we’ll be able to work together to produce a new logo that expresses your business in the best way possible.

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